About Matchlings

Matchlings is an addictive, fast-paced matching game starring lively little monsters, each with their own special moves. There's never a dull moment as the monsters wave, cheer, even yawn as you play, available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!

  • Three fast paced modes: Dash, Snare, and Endless
  • Earn stars to wield each Matchling's powers to score big
  • Share your high scores with friends via Facebook
  • Game Center support with global leaderboards

Game Modes

Matchlings' three game modes will keep you coming back again and again: Beat the timer in Dash mode; score big before the available matches run out in Snare; and the sky's the limit in Endless!

High-Res Critters on iPad

Grab Matchlings HD for your iPad or iPad 2 and enjoy even higher resolution art as each Matchling monster jump right off the screen. We must warn you though: It's insanely addictive!


Special Move:
Tree Branch Tag


Special Move:
Tasmanian Spin


Special Move:
Osmosis Transform


Special Move:
Egg Sling


Special Move:
Mirror Morph


Special Move:
Walk the Plank


Special Move:
Jester Dance
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